About the company


The project Avighna Corp. started in 2019. The goal of our young company is not only changing the world of investment, but also to make the financial market accessible to a wide circle of persons. an Important step in achieving this goal – the creation of a website platform.

Our company has grown from a project of two people to a steadily developing investment company working on the Forex and cryptocurrency markets.

A team of experienced analysts, traders and programmers uses a specially designed trading strategies involving neural networks and artificial intelligence, which allows to obtain investment income from 30% to 60% per month.

The company Avighna Corp. not only shows the claimed results, but also enables partners to manage their own finances in accordance with the current dynamics of the market.

The company website is a platform that brings in passive revenue each participant. Avighna Corp. offers a work program for conservation and multiplication of capital. The result of the work in the program will be the income of 1.5% per day in the long term.


How to earn with us

To register on the site

A simple procedure will not take much time: just follow the on screen instructions, fill in all required fields.

Open the Deposit

To become an investor in the personal Cabinet you need to Deposit a certain amount.


The interest on each Deposit is accrued daily, you can observe how to increase your profit in the personal account.


Tariff plans

Indefinite rate


  • Indefinitely

    The validity of

  • 1.5%

    Daily accrual

  • 1.00


  • 10.00

    The minimum amount

  • 50000.00

    The maximum amount

The initial rate


  • 21 days

    The validity of

  • 0.3%

    Daily accrual

  • 1.00


  • 10.00

    The minimum amount

  • 1000.00

    The maximum amount

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